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International Transform Conference

Dato - 13/03/2021
KL: 10:00 - 17:30

Sted: Online

The industrial and economic slowdown due to the pandemic is no substitute for sustained climate action. How to achieve concrete and more ambitious goals in climate and environmental policies? Are the measures and goals adopted by the EU, governments and institutions much more than a greening of Capitalism ? And how much can be achieved by green Capitalism/green growth seen on the background of the real challenges of climate warming ? Climate action should be part of the recovery programmes, but are they being absorbed by neo liberal policies?
The conference will be in English, and there will be no translation..
Due to the present circumstances surrounding Covid-19, the conference will be on Zoom. We will return with info on zoom-access upon registration.
NB: To get access to zoom, please pre-register at: [email protected]


Transform!Danmark – in cooperation with transform!europe, and Enhedslisten/Red-Green Alliance, Global Aktion, NOAH – Friends of the Earth, Solidaritet, Kritisk Revy, and others.


[email protected]
Support/member’s fee:100 DKKs to 5301-0000268457

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